How to Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience!

Moving home – especially somehwhere as far flung as Perth Australia – can be one of the most difficult and tedious tasks in life. By the time the entire process of finding a new house, hiring the right movers, unpacking and settling in is completed, quite a bit of energy, time and money are lost. This is the reason why most people are more comfortable with living in the same house for their entire lives. However, when circumstances leave no choice and moving is inevitable, here are some ways to lighten the burden. First you need to engage the services of reputable operation in perth – here is the website – There are many to choose from and prices may vary, so here are points to consider. Be sure to check for quotes across websites.

a) Classification:

This tip is to help aid the process of unpacking. When packing household items, classifying them based on usage, nature or category can be very beneficial because once the shifting process is completed, this ensures that everything is easier to find. For example, grouping of kitchen utensils, children’s clothes, books of various categories, etc.

b) Labelling:

Labelling the boxes and cartons is an effective way to identify where exactly each item of the household is. This not only saves time at a later stage but also makes it easy to stack the boxes exactly where they belong in the new house. For example, labelling boxes as ‘Crockery’, ‘Tools’ and ‘books’ can help them be efficiently organised in the kitchen, the garage and the study hall respectively.

c) Saving Space:

A little bit of pre-planned organization is very useful. There are a lot of ways to save space and following them can not only help minimize the number of boxes but may perhaps even save an extra load on the moving van. Some tips can be rolling clothes instead of folding them, stacking smaller goods inside suitcases and movable storage cabinets, carrying a few delicate or personal items in own vehicles, utilising boot space, etc.

d) Decluttering:

Moving home provides an excellent opportunity to discard and reduce the excess, unnecessary baggage lying around the house. The first step is finding out which items to throw out and which to keep. Once that is done, the next thing is to decide how to leave them behind. A few most common ways are scrap selling, holding a garage sale, selling online or even gifting them to someone depending upon the condition of the product and the time left to spare.


As moving home is a drastic step and a major transformation, being disciplined and planning beforehand can make the process far less stressful. On a positive note, moving can be a very refreshing experience as with change comes a new outlook to life.