Proper roof and gutter repair procedures

The roof is possibly the most important part of a house and when problems arise it is vital that it is repaired properly by an experienced roof repairer.

As a melbourne resident, the first step in all roof repairs is to fully inspect the roof and identify any chipped or cracked tiles. Any tiles that are badly damaged will need to be replaced, while tiles that are merely cosmetically damaged may be salvaged and moved into an area of the roof that is not visible from the ground. Any problems with the roof framing should be examined and rectified at this point as well. Once the damaged tiles are replaced and the frame is in proper condition, the cleaning process can begin.

Cleaning is achieved by high pressure washing of the entire roof and serves not just to remove the grit, grime and contaminates, but also tests each tile for strength to ensure that there are no weak tiles that are about to fail. The metal valleys and gulleys of the roof also need thorough cleaning to determine whether they need replacing due to corrosion or damage.

Once these repairs are finished, the next step is to fully re-bed the capping and valley tiles with an appropriate adhesive, normally a cement mixture. Some operators will only re-stick loose or damaged capping, but best industry practice is to fully replace all the bedding material. This extends the life of the repair and ensures the customer gets a high quality repair. Once re-bedded, the capping can be pointed over with a flexible, acrylic type of coating. This coating is highly resistant to weather and fully seals the capping.

The next step is to apply a spray on roof sealer, which not only seals the roof but also acts as a primer to ensure the top coat adheres well to the roof surface. The top coat can be a normal exterior paint suitable for the application, or a specialised roof treatment. In both cases there is a wide range of colours to choose from. If your repairer uses an exterior type paint, make sure it is a highly UV resistant type or it made degrade quickly.

Roof repairs can involve high costs as there is a tremendous amount of work and skill involved in getting the job done correctly. However, it is vitally important that the job be done correctly by experienced and competent workers. Always question your contractors and make sure they are performing the correct repairs and not just patching up problems that will reappear later. If you live in Melbourne the weather is unpredictable and it is even MORE important to have your roofs and gutters spic and span.

Another important thing you need to check is your gutter. If you need gutter replacement – see for a quote – it is strongly advised that you carry out this work as soon as possible to avoid water leaking from your roof and flooding your house and backyard.

Here is a video that illustrates how to replace your guttering: